I do not watch sitcoms. Hence, when I picked up A Heart That Works, I had no clue who Rob Delaney was. He is a standup comic and the co-writer and star of the British/Amazon comedy series Catastrophe (2015 to 2019.) He is also the author of this sweet, sad, heartfelt memoir of his son’s death from a […]

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Flattening the Curve: The Plague and COVID-19

“Should we go see the grandkids in Virginia?” We have the plane tickets. We’ve reserved the hotel and the rental car. And I would love to luxuriate in the embrace and enthusiasm of my young grandsons. But COVID-19 casts a pall. Maybe we should drive. Less proximity to potentially-infected fellow passengers. Except neither of us […]


Istanbul: Glimpses After Death

As a physician, I am skeptical that consciousness and memory can remain intact after the heart quits pumping. There may be reflexive movement or some random cellular metabolic activity after blood flow stops, but that’s all. As a human being, I find the idea of a period of awareness after death intriguing, yet I know […]