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Dr. Bookworm

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These are my riffs on books: old and new, fiction and non- fiction. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

Cathy Luh

The Body Geologic – Metamorphosis

Muscle weighs more than fat. That is indisputable. What’s weird is that the muscle in my thighs morphed into fat and then, like grains of windblown sand, migrated upward and deposited themselves as dunes on my torso.  I did not suspect this shift in body shape because my weight didn’t change. My exercise routine hadn’t […]

Believe Your Beloved

Relationships are hard, Covid or no Covid.  Many of us have squeezed into too-close quarters going on a year and a half. We assumed at the start of Covid that our enforced togetherness was make-shift, temporary. With the delta surge and vaccine-resistance, normality keeps retreating into the future.  But, it’s not too late – or […]

Rice and Race and Politics

“In the 1700s, South Carolina was the largest exporter of rice in the world.”  So read the display at the Rice Museum in Georgetown, South Carolina. That must be a mistake. I remember my disbelief, even now, over twenty years later. Which part of the statement was wrong, though?  Rice! I am Chinese. I know […]


Not long after I started my Dr. Bookworm blog three years ago, I found out what I really wanted to do with my life. I aspire to blog about a book the way each episode of the podcast Aria Code cracks open a single operatic aria. This is my first podcast review. In Dr. Bookworm, my goal is to introduce the reader […]


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