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Dr. Bookworm

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These are my riffs on books: old and new, fiction and non- fiction. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

Cathy Luh

Sleepless in St. Louis

Do I have an Ambien habit? I am twenty years over the “short-term use” recommendation for these sleeping pills. I worry about running out before the refill date. I fantasize about having a stockpile against the day my doctor cuts me off.  Ambien doesn’t even work well! I get sleepy, yes, but only for a […]

Libraries: So Much More Than Books (but the books are good, too!)

Who’s ready for a GOOD NEWS review? Yeah, me too! 

For my birthday, Bill got me The Metropolitan Opera Murders by Helen Traubel. He knows I love opera, and I love murder mysteries. I have written about both. How did these two loves bring me to write this essay extoling the goodness of libraries? Well, read on!

Role Models: In Books and in Life

Scooch over, Lizzie Bennet and Jo March. Make room for Becky Paulson. For decades, my favorite literary role models have been Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice and Jo of Little Women. Both lived in the 19th century, Lizzie in England and Jo in New England.  I admire them for their smarts, independence, and if the term is not too old-fashioned, “goodness.” […]

Does the Universe Make Sense? Should We Care?

She held tight to the slowly rising rope. When it had hoisted her far enough, she bent her knees to lift herself off the ground. Everyone – family and servants – took a turn.  Holding up the rope, and below it, the round scale, was the family cook, and the strongest man in the compound, Shi […]


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